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Moments of Sharing Book 3 with Eleiah 2017-09-15
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Jim Peltier, Ph.D. also known as Eleiah (E' lee ah)

Dear Friends,
Blessings of Love and Grace to You,

"Love and Light" What Does This Mean?
For many years I signed my emails with "Love and Light" Jim and this past year I began to wonder what did this really mean?

What Is Love?
I knew what the word "Love" means to me so using the word "Love" in this statement was easy. Love is a State of Higher Spiritual Consciousness. While we generally talk about Divine Love as "Unconditional Love" it is really much more than that. Divine Love is the "Pink Ray" the Third Ray of Divine Consciousness. And, within the Pink Ray there are many different shades of Pink and each shade is a slightly different Vibrational Frequency and each Shade of Pink is a Unique Quality of Divine Love.

I think there are many more aspects of Divine Love than we humans attribute to the word Love. The Human Emotion of "Love" generally is not even Love since most of the time that Love is filled with expectations, assumptions and conditions in order for that Emotional Love to continue to exist. I would guess that the Love that a Mother has for her "new born child" is the closest human emotion to Divine Love.

When you go to a paint store to select the color "Pink" you are given many different shades of Pink to choose from. The same with Divine Love and each shade of the Pink Ray has unique qualities such as: Empathy, Compassion, Nurturing, Caring, Kindness, Respect, Acceptance, Selflessness, Trust, Sacredness, Divine Love and Divine Grace to name a few.

Nothing stands outside of your Spiritual Loving. You love your mistakes along with your successes. You love the down times as much as the up times. In other words, You Love Yourself. Love your Karma as it is your opportunity to learn and to gain wisdom. By loving even your negative creations, you can shift that energy and release Karma.

True Divine Love also allows a person to be however they are. It is the "allowance" of a person to be as they choose to be. Since most of us are not fully Enlightened and in a State-of-Oneness with God/Source we do the very best we can with other people and how they act.

If we can be in Neutrality and in a "Center of Peace and Harmony" we can tell a person that "I Love You" but I do not appreciate your behavior. We Love the Person, but, not the behavior that is being exhibited.

With some people we can Love their Spirit, but not their Personality. So a person in Divine Love never goes into anger or hate or rage. We remain in Peace and Harmony as we confront and deal with non-lovable people.

Remember that each person's Soul or Higher Self is a Aspect of God/Spirit /Source (The name is irrelevant). That is the Divine Essence of Spirit within them and eventually every person remembers that they are Spirit Divine. While that remembrance may not happen it this lifetime, eventually in some lifetime a person's Mental Mind does Remember Who It Is.

What Is Light?
To me "Light" is the Higher Spiritual Consciousness that radiates out from a Person, an Angel, the Ascended Masters, the Great Cosmic Beings and the ALL/GOD/SOURCE.

In many spiritual books we find terms like "Enlightened" or "Illuminated" that is referring to the Illuminating Light radiating out from a person's Higher Spiritual Consciousness.

The Light is Love, Peace and Harmony with all Creation, with all people and all things. One's Ego Darkness can not exist in the Spiritual Light. If a room is dark and you turn a light ON all the Darkness disappears. Black or Darkness is the absence of Light.

Many situations in our lives presents a challenge and an opportunity to choose to be in the Light. Choose to Love more this day. Choose to Be The Brightest Light you can be.

We need the Spiritual Light. The world needs the Spiritual Light and each of us can be more conscious with bringing forward the Light of Our Divine Essence into our Mental Thoughts and Emotions. Ask to live each moment in the Consciousness of the Light and to be the Light.

How Do I Get Enlightenment?
You start "walking" and "talking" as an Enlightened Being. Think as a Light Being, Feel as a Light Being, and, Act as a Light Being and very soon you will be a Light Being bathed in the Love and Grace of Spiritual Light.

Actually we are all "Light Beings" but our Ego-Self may not identify with our True Divine Essence. So our Mental Mind creates this illusion of separation from our True-Self.

Our Mental/Ego-Self can be a "mixture" of Light and Darkness so it up to each person to embrace the Light Within Them. I suggest to "merge" your Mental/Ego Self with your Higher-Self as the first step. Then, as you move towards Spirit go as far as you can endure its Brightness and then fill yourself with that Brightness so you can move on to the next level of Brightness, a Higher Plane of Consciousness.

Each Plane or Level of Consciousness has a "Vibrational Frequency" and a certain "Level of Brightness" associated with that Vibrational Frequency. So the Higher the Plane or Level of Spiritual Consciousness that you attain the Higher is your Vibrational Frequency and the Brighter is your Divine Light.

So, our desire to become One-With-Spirit raises our consciousness and increases the Brightness of our Light. Invite your "Highest Spiritual Being" to be fully present in your Physical Body, your Emotional Body, your Mental Body and your Spiritual Body that is how you increase the Brightness of your Light.

The Lower Realms Of Light
On the Lower Realms of Light, the Light is mixed with Negative Energy. We see the results of "Negative Energy" everyday on the news. Many times it seems hard to see how the Light can overcome the Darkness of Humanity and the Dark Forces that exist. Everyday we see the Sunshine and this is a reminder that the Light is always here.

As long as you are Open, letting the Divine Love flow and directing your Light outward, you are receiving and giving the Light and Love of Spirit Divine. You have become an instrument of Light. Spirit uses you to bring Light into this physical realm, and it radiates from you to all others on this Earth.

Once you connect with your Light, you'll be able to experience the Light in your neighbor.

The Highest Realms Of Light
At the Highest Vibration of Spiritual Consciousness the Light Is Pure and there is No Darkness, nothing Evil exists in these Realms of Light.

Merging with your Higher-Self is the beginning of your Spiritual Growth. The Fifth Plane of Consciousness is where your Mental/Ego-Self has merged with your Higher-Self. Then, you and your Higher-Self can being the process of expanding into the Higher Realms of Consciousness. The Christ and Buddha Consciousness is the Thirty Third Plane of Consciousness and yet there are many Higher Planes of Consciousness all the way back to Source, The ALL. So, this Spectrum of Consciousness is also a Spectrum of Light.

Many years ago I was initiated into the 256 Plane of Consciousness and my expansion has continued even higher. As I said, there is a Spectrum-of-Consciousness from our Primitive Mind all the way to Source/God/The All. Where you are on this Spectrum-of-Consciousness is up to you.

While One's Mental-Self is like the flame of a candle, your "Highest Spiritual Essence" is like the Light of our Sun. To be the Brightest Light that you can be bring your "Highest Spiritual Essence" into you Physical Body, and into your Mind. So your Mental Mind is now your Divine Mind. You become Wisdom and Love Incarnate.

As your Divine Light increases in Brightness your Light stimulates the Mental-Self and Higher-Self of those people around you to either increase their Brightness, or, move away from you as they do not want to be in the Bright Light.

You are a Divine Being Filled with Light and Love, Wisdom and Understanding, Peace and Harmony. That is our Inner Spiritual Nature. That is Who We Are. All of our negativity and other human emotions are only the clutter that we all have created. Burn that away with the Violet Flame of the Seventh Ray and fill your hearts and mind with Love and Grace, Love and Light. In our Spiritual Heart Center is our True Divine-Self and all of our Wisdom and Truth.

We are to learn to be "On this Earth but No Of The Earth," which means we are not to get caught up in all of the drama that is played out here on Earth. Remain in your Divine Light and the rest of the world will eventually shift into the Light.

Love and Light, Jim

Peace, OM, Shanti, Namaste, Alamanda,   Jim Peltier/Eleiah


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Ph.D. Spiritual and Psychic Sciences

MA Counseling and Human Development

Certified Kofutu Healing Grand Master

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Certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming

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