Jim Peltier Ph.D. also known as Eleaih

Angelic Meditation Symbols

These are Master Symbols from Ascended Master Tamarasha.

The Kofutu Healing Techniques are a gift to humanity from Ascended Master Tamarasha. The heart of Kofutu is the Master Symbols given by the Master. These symbols are Pure Consciousness of the Universe and are used in specific Formulas and Direct Commands to activate our Divine Wisdom and Love.

While there are 11 of these symbols in Kofutu Touch Healing I have shared these Symbols With You so you can use them right now. These symbols are used in Meditation, as we do Kofutu Touch Healing and in performing a Universal Healing. All those who use Symbols are guided and overseen by Master Tamarasha in their use.

 Angelic Language

(Jin' Mah)
Look at or Visualize Jinma
and say Jinma to activate
your Divine Inner Harmony

(Tah Mah Rah' Shah)
Look at or Visualize Tamarasha and say
Tamarasha to Enhance your Spiritual Consciousness


(Koh Foo' Too)
Look at or Visualize Kofutu and say Kofutu
To Enhance your Awareness of Your Spiritual Purpose

(Shah' Mah)
Look at or Visualize Shahma and say Shahma
To Over Come Fear and Emotional or Mental Blocks