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Jim Peltier, Ph.D.


Kofutu Formula Healing Level I - Suggested Gift 125 dollars USA

Kofutu Formula Healing Level II to VI - Suggested Gift 100 dollars USA each

Other financial options are available depending on your financial situation.

All classes are an Individual Training Home Study Course with CD's or MP3 Audio Files and the latest Kofutu Formula Healing Manual provided. The Course is set up so it can be sent via the Internet. Also, there is nothing to memorize like some other Healing Systems.

Kofutu Formula Healing is the New Generation of Spiritual Healing and Spiritual Awakening. I have updated the Kofutu Formula Healing Manuals with the latest guidance from Master Tamarasha. Kofutu Formula Healing Level 1 has 18 different Healing Scripts or Techniques so you can totally realign your Ego-Self with your Divine-Self.

Kofutu works in "consciousness" rather than "channeling energy" as most healing system do. Kofutu connects the recipient to Source and activates their Inner Resources.

In 2011 I created new Kofutu Formula Healing Manuals to include all of the updates and additions that I had developed in my many years of using and teaching Kofutu Formula Healing.

We are in a "New World Age" and as the Vibrational Level increases we need tools to clean out our fears and raise our Personal Vibrational Level. Kofutu Formula Healing is such a tool for Spiritual Awakening and I have been using Kofutu since 1985.

Kofutu Spiritual Healing is aligning our Mental and Emotional Self with our Spiritual Essence. When our Mental Self is in Harmony with our Divine Essence then our Emotions are restored to Peace, Love, Joy and Bliss. Then, our Physical Body is restored to whatever is appropriate for our Spiritual Path.

Kofutu also Awakens Your Desire to Merge With Your Divine Essence into a State of Oneness!

Kofutu is a Spiritual Healing and Spiritual Development System use by the Kamuri Priesthood in Atlantis and Ancient Egypt to Attain a State of Divine Being or Oneness. There are no rules or dogma only tools to Awaken, Remember and BE Who You Truly Are. Kofutu guides the healing to what is in the Highest and Best Spiritual Interest of the recipient.

Kofutu Master Symbols are the Angelic Language of the Universe

Email me and you can start your Kofutu Level 1 Training or take an Advanced Kofutu Formula Healing Level.

SUGGEST GIFT IS $125 USD For Level 1

Kofutu Formula Healing Level 1

Has 18 Different Healing Scripts and you can specify the exact Physical or Psychological issues a person has.

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Jim Peltier/Eleiah Kofutu Grand Master/Instructor/Channel