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These Guided Meditation will assist you to create a deep relaxed "State of Being" and connect with your Higher Self to manifest the new desired outcome stated in the title of the Meditation. SUGGESTED GIFT: $10.00 Dollars USA for each MP3 Audio File.


Mini Meditations for Free. These Meditations are about 6 minutes in length so they are a Sampler of the longer Meditations which are about 26 minutes long.

Moments 06-15-2012 Meditation.MP3


Moments 09-15-2012 Meditation.MP3



A  Gift of Love to be Shared with All.


CD104 Meditation Filling Up With Love.MP3


CD118 Meditation Creating Spiritual Oneness.MP3


MP3 100

Relaxation And Healing

MP3 101
Releasing Fear

MP3 102

Releasing Anger

MP3 103

Grounding and Getting Answers

MP3 104

Filling Up With Love

MP3 105

Creating Inner Peace

MP3 107

Finding Your Purpose


MP3 108

Releasing Guilt and Shame

MP3 109

Releasing Unwanted Desires

Or Habits

MP3 110

Creating Abundance

MP3 111

Connecting To Your Source

MP3 112A and B

Healing Our Inner Child

Set of 2 Audio Files

MP3 113

Proper Breathing

MP3 114

Inner Harmony With Your Spirit

MP3 115

How To Leave (Die)

In Peace and Eloquence

MP3 116

Releasing Physical Pain

Mp3 117

Healing Of Surgery

Before and After

MP3 118

Creating Spiritual Oneness

MP3 119

Removing Energy Cords

MP3 120

Cleansing the Aura

MP3 121

Cleansing the Chakras

MP3 122

Opening the 8th Chakra

Opening the 1st Chakra

MP3 123

Opening the 2nd Chakra

Opening the 3rd Chakra

MP3 124

Opening the 4th Chakra

Opening the 5th Chakra

MP3 125

Opening the 6th Chakra

Opening the 7th Chakra

MP3 126

Merging With Your Highest Spiritual Nature


MP3 127

Activating the 1st Ray in You

Activating the 2nd Ray in You

MP3 128

Activating the 3rd Ray in You

Activating the 4th Ray in You

MP3 129

Activating the 5th Ray in You

Activating the 6th Ray in You

MP3 130

Activating the 7th Ray in You

Activating the 8th Ray in You

MP3 131

Activating All the Rays in You

MP3 132

Changing Your Perception and Feelings (Reframing)

MP3 133

Creating Protection

MP3 134

Healing Cancer

MP3 135

Three Fold Flame

MP3 136

Creating A Positive Self-Image

MP3 137

Accessing Your Akashic Record


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Ph.D., in Spiritual Sciences, M.A., in Psychology and Counseling,
Certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Clairvoyance and Healing.