Jim Peltier Ph.D. also know as Eleiah

Spiritual First Aid

Moments of Sharing Book 2 with Eleiah 2015-12-15

Volume 1 Number - 013

Jim Peltier, Ph.D. also known as Eleiah (E' lee ah)

Dear Friends,
Blessings of Love and Grace to You,

Spiritual First Aid,
I have been doing Spiritual Healing since 1982 and have dealt with most issues that anyone will ever encounter so I am guided to share a few of the major things that I have learned over these many years.

BOUNDARIES - We need to have strong personal boundaries around us to have control over our personal space. While most people are probably aware of Physical Boundaries, we also have Emotional Boundaries, Mental Boundaries and Spiritual Boundaries. Without strong boundaries other people's energy and other energies can enter into our space so it is important to have Solid Clear Boundaries. Strong Boundaries come from a strong positive self image and self-esteem. While you may ask people into your space it is also important to have them leave your space so you know Who and What you are. Also, these boundaries exist in all Planes of Consciences. The strongest boundaries come when your Highest Spiritual Being is fully present in Your Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Bodies, from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet.

Kofutu Formula Healing has Scripts to cleanup Mental and Emotional Issues to strengthen these Personal Boundaries. Also see Grounding and Protection.

CORDS - Cords are Emotional or Psychic Energy Connections created consciously or unconsciously between two people, or, a person and an object such as your home, or, an animal such as a cat or dog. This energy connection, in reality, means some other person's energy is in you, and some of your energy is in them. When you are corded you can feel that person's feelings so if your are feeling something that does not fit what is going on in your life most likely you are corded to someone.

Cords can be attached to any part of the body. Also, it takes two people to cord, so anyone that has energy cords from another person wanted to be corded at some Level of Consciousness.

You can remove the cords by gently pulling them out of you, and sending the cords back to the other person or person's.

It is very important never to cut a cord! Cutting a Cord leaves their energy in you and your energy in the other person.

Always send a cord back in a "State of Neutrality." If you send the cords back in a "State of Love" the recipient needs to be in a Loving State to receive the cord. Whereas, when the cord is sent back in a "State of Neutrality" the recipient can receive the cord in any State of Consciousness they happen to be in. Also, you can follow the cord to the individual with whom you are corded and tell them that you are going to remove the cord. It makes no difference whether you corded them or they corded you. What is important is that you want to remove the cords. If you don't want to release the cords, ask yourself: What are you gaining by keeping the cords?

For those of you who have cut cords then you need to:

1) Remove that part of the cord that is in you.

2) Heal your Aura where the cord was.

3) Then, put your own energy in the place where you removed the cord.

Kofutu Formula Healing has a Script for Psychic and Emotional Detachment which is very useful to dissolve these ties. Kofutu also has Healing Scripts to shift your consciousness so that you are not cording people or allowing people to cord you. Also, there is a Kofutu Aura Healing Script.

For more detailed information on Cording read Spiritual Development 2 on my website.

Energy Vampires – While I have called these people Energy Zappers I see some people call them Energy Vampires so I will go with that name. There are people who want to live off other people's energies so they "Suck Energy" from other people. I have found these people have very little "Life Force Energy" from Grounding so they take energy from other people. Perhaps you have been around someone and experienced the "life sucked out of you" and you felt exhausted, irritated, stressed or overwhelmed, that is what I am talking about.

Sometimes a person willingly gives their energy to a loved one who is close to death. I know of people who probably should have died but remain alive living off the energy of their family members. The key is not giving your life force energy to another person regardless how much you love them, and having Strong Personal Boundaries so People and or Entities can't tap into your Life Force Energy.

Entities – For 35 years I have been asked to assist in removing Entities that are attacking people in their homes or Entities that are attached or in a Person's Thoughts and Emotions so they are controlling much of that person's thoughts and feelings. The Physical and Emotional Body's of some people is like a rooming house with dozens of Entities or Lost Souls living their. If your feelings do not feel like yours then they probably are not yours. Fears that do not make any logical sense to you are probably the fears of an Entity that is living within you. Most Entities seem to come into your space via the Crown Chakra. The Personality-Consciousness of these Entities or Lost Souls needs to be removed from the Earth Plane and the Astral Plane of Earth.

In dealing with Entities there are several things to do to stop this from happening.

1)  Ask for a "Gate Keeper" to keep unwanted Entities and Energy from coming into your space. This Gate Keeper can be "Your Higher Self," "Your Guardian Angel," or, ask Archangel Michael to assign you a "Gate Keeper." You can decide which works best for you. Also Close the Crown Chakra to its minimum Opening if you have a Mental Disorder. Ninety Five percent of Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorders are caused by uncontrolled Psychic Abilities. There are Spiritual Abilities that correspond to the Psychic Abilities but operate in the Spiritual Realm verses the Psychic Realm.

2)  Protection: The best Protection that you can use is the Blue Ray so ask for 6 to 12 inches of the Blue Ray around your Aura in all 6 directions, front and back, right and left, above and below you in every Dimension. You can ask the Universe to do this, or Archangel Michael of the Blue Ray or El Morya Chohan of the First Ray - the Blue Ray.

Also, you can put 6 to 12 inches of the Blue Ray around your home or apartment to keep your home free of Negative Energy and Entities. Visualize or Feel that your home is surround with 6 to 12 inches of Sky Blue Color in all 6 directions.

3)  Removing Entities we want to Remove Entities from the Earth Plane so they do not bother other people.

a) You can call in the Archangels and the Great Cosmic Beings to forcibly remove these Entities and take them where they will not cause anymore problems. I use Archangel Michael of the First Ray which is Blue, Archangel Gabriel of the Fourth Ray which is Crystalline in color, and Archangel Zadkiel of the Seventh Ray which is Purple/Violet.

b) You can use the Purple Ray or the Violet Flame to Transmute the Negative Energy or Entities. When an Entity is in a Positive State of Consciousness the Entities will go into the Light. If not, then call in the Great Cosmic Being to remove them.

c) Burning Sage or Incense does not work and does not remove the Negative Energy or Entity from the Earth Plane. At best you are just sending the Negative Energy or Entity to your next door neighbor.

When removing Entities, remember that if the Psychic Channels are Open new Entities will keep coming in. It is like leaving the doors open at your house so anything can wander into you space. Also, nothing can come into your space unless some part of your Mental-Self is inviting them in so there is a Psychological Component that needs to be address and Kofutu Formula Healing is great for this.

4)  Close the Psychic Channels or Abilities that allow Entities to connect with you, or come to your Physical, Emotional and Mental Space. In Kofutu Formula Healing there are Healing Scripts to Close these Psychic Channels. If a person is having Mental Health issues I advise against opening the Spiritual Channels.

So if you are having problems with Entities and Negative Energy getting into your Mental Thoughts and into your Physical, Emotional and Mental Bodies here are the steps to take:

1) Get a Gate Keeper to Keep these Entities out of your Bodies,

2) Remove the Entities that are in your Space,

3) Close down the Psychic Channels (Close the Doors).

4) Change Your Thoughts and Emotions that are drawing these Entities and Negative Energy To You!

In Kofutu Formula Healing we have Healing Scripts to Close the Psychic Channels/Abilities along with reducing the Opening of the Crown Chakra, Enhancing One's Personal Boundaries, Removing Negative Energy, and Clearing Up any Conscious and Subconscious Negative Memories and Beliefs.

Grounding – There are Two Types of Grounding the First Type of Grounding is connecting to the Energy of the Earth and bringing that Earth Energy into your body. The Heart Chakra of the Earth is its Core so we want to Ground to the Center of the Mother Earth and then bring that Earth Energy up though all the layers of the Earth into the Eighth Chakra beneath your feet, then, up to your Heart Chakra. The Earth Energy is the vital energy that keeps you alive and healthy, some people call it Prana or Chi.

The Second type of Grounding is bringing the Cosmic Energy your Spiritual Energy down into your Crown Chakra and then down into your Heart Chakra. Now, blend these Two Energies together and then have both energies flow into every part of your Bodies.

This is inviting your Highest Spiritual Essence into your Physical Body and the more your Highest Spiritual Essence is within you the stronger your Personal Boundaries are. When your Highest Spiritual Essence is fully present within your Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Bodies nothing can come into your space and you are unaffected by the thoughts or feelings of other people including Mass Consciousness.

The most important aspect of Grounding is to bring in more and more of your Highest Spiritual Essence into your bodies. This level of grounding creates a pure Spiritual Connection with all of your Multi-Dimensional Divine Essence including your Physical Body, Emotional Body, Mental Body and the full spectrum of your Higher Spiritual Bodies.

The Grounding Meditation provided on my website is used for creating Spiritual Oneness, and receiving Spiritual Guidance from your Highest Spiritual Essence.

Protection – When a person has fears then that person also needs protection because people and entities use your fears to get into your space. Fear is how we give our power away to another person or thing. When you have transcended fear the concept of needing protection disappears.

The Best Protection that you can have is the Blue Ray so ask for 6 to 12 inches of the Blue Ray around your Aura in all 6 directions, front and back, right and left, above and below you in every Dimension. You can ask the Universe to do this, or Archangel Michael of the Blue Ray, or, El Morya Chohan of the First Ray the Blue Ray.

White Light has not worked for hundreds of years so forget about using White Light as protection.

Psychic Abilities verses Spiritual Abilities
A great metaphor is thinking of the Psychic Abilities as an AM Radio Frequency which works in the Mental and Emotional Planes of Consciousness and Energy. Any person or entity has access to this frequency so it potentially opens a person up to the dark forces when using these abilities. The Psychic Abilities are much like a WIFI Hot Spot and anyone or any entity can log into our network and get into our space.

The Spiritual Abilities are like an FM Radio Frequency which works in the Spiritual Planes of Consciousness. There are Spiritual Abilities for all the Psychic Abilities and additional Spiritual Abilities that are not available in the Psychic Realm.

In Kofutu Formula Healing Level 7 we have a Script to "Shut Down one's Psychic Abilities" so we are not working in the Psychic Realm and entities and other dark forces can't get into our space. The Spiritual Life is strengthen our Spiritual Connections, developing and using one's Spiritual Abilities and Spiritual Gifts for Personal Ascension into Oneness with Source and assisting in the Evolution and Ascension of Humanity.

Kofutu Level 7 also has a Script to Open and Develop one's Spiritual Abilities and Spiritual Gifts.

This is the final chapter of Moments of Sharing Book 2.

I will continue to write my quarterly Moments of Sharing. Spirit has always guided me in what to write about so we shall see what Spirit and the Universe has in store for us.

Always remember that you are a Divine Being in a physical body. We have a body but we are not our body. We have emotions but we are not our emotions. We have a beautiful mind but we are not our mind. We are Spirit and Love Divine, that is who we are.

Peace, OM, Shanti, Namaste, Alamanda,   Jim Peltier/Eleiah