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Moments of Sharing Book


Hello and Blessing of Love and Grace to all of you.

While my Spiritual Path began in 1980 my Moments of Sharing reflect the evolution of my Spiritual Philosophy in these later years. As I look back I realize that these writing follow the same format and order that my Spiritual Development Level 1 Class follows. So, I suggest that you read them in numerical order as they are a building block of concepts and ideas.

Moments of Sharing Book 1 

Moments of Sharing Book 1 has 4 Volumes and Moments of Sharing Volume 1 and 2 follow the outline of My Spiritual Development Class Level 1

Moments of Sharing Volume 3 and 4 offer additional insights that I have gained over the years. Some of what I have written will resonate with you and some of what I share may not resonate with you. I write what is my Truth, what feels right to me and I trust that your Spirit will discern what honors Your Truth, Your Wisdom. If some of what I have shared over the years resonates in your Heart of Hearts, then take those words as being Your Divine Words, Your Divine Truth!

 Moments of Sharing Book 2

After I posted "Moments Of Sharing Book 1" I thought I was done writing but My Spirit had other plans so I was guided to write Moments of Sharing Book 2 and now this book is compete as well.

Moments of Sharing Book 3

This Book continues to be new insights that I receive and am asked by Spirit to Share with other. Spiritual Awakening is an on going process so it never is complete.
This Book 3 is complete so you can now follow your own Inner Wisdom as part of your Spiritual Awakening Process following the Love and Grace that is within each of us.

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Jim Peltier Ph.D. also known as (Eleiah) which is my soul name.